12 Ridges Skylark House

A destination for relaxation and starting point for adventure, this warm, lodge-style communal structure will hold the 12 Ridges community close as a welcoming space to gather, share, and celebrate the good fortune of belonging to this land. Good reasons are required to leave the comfort and peace of your 12 Ridges residence and Skylark House has a great many. Morning yoga and workouts in Skylark’s gym (with sauna) are a joy with these views to inspire you.

This much open sky will translate into blazing peak summer days, when Skylark’s pool deck will be the only place you want to be. While the scenery never gets tired, sometimes one simply craves a change of setting like the Skylark Media Room or Golf Simulator Room. Stocked bookshelves and cozy armchairs offer intellectual escape, while the warm glow of a fireplace provides the perfect intimacy for getting closer to new neighbors and friends in the Skylark Lounge.

Skylark House

Skylark House
Golf Simulator


Skylark House

Skylark House
Media Room


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