Since 2004, Elite Alliance has been operating a luxury exchange program, allowing owners of private residence clubs to swap time at their various locations. The company has gone on to other projects within the real estate and hospitality industry, including their recent launch of a series of private residence clubs. SherpaReport spoke with them recently about these new clubs.

Who are Elite Alliance?

It all started thirty years ago with the creation of the world’s first residence club – the Deer Valley Club in Park City, Utah. One of the brains behind the development was Steve Dering, later a founding partner of Elite Alliance. The club proved successful, offering an innovative fractional model of ownership which was profitable for developers while beneficial to those seeking an alternative to full ownership of a second (or third) luxury vacation home. DCP International, the developers behind the Deer Valley Club replicated the model with residence clubs at a range of different locations, offering luxury accommodations in cities as well as near the beach and in ski resorts. At the same time, other companies noticed the fractional residence club model and followed suit, creating a new segment within the vacation home industry.